Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank God for YOU!!

By "YOU" I mean all those that came out on Thursday night to help make my book launch a very successful event. It was such a blast and I was not expecting so many people. When one of the employees came back to tell me not to come out yet because they had to put more chairs out, I was shocked.
It felt so great to have so much support from all walks of my life and amazing to see people that I hadn't seen in probably over ten years. (Thanks Facebook for that one). It was such a surreal and magical experience and I look forward to my launch in LA and New York in the new year.
If you couldn't make it out and still wish to purchase my book(s), you can get it at Indigo Manulife Centre or order online at Indigo or Amazon, or Barnes and Noble etc. etc.
Special thanks to Rob from the Chanel counter at Holt Renfrew Bloor Street for doing my makeup. I've been with him for years and he ROCKS!! Also to my close friend Megan Vincent for taking professional pictures on Thursday night. She is also the photographer of my author picture on the back....and of course to the pretty blonde girl that was standing at the back with the baby stroller, Jordana Lieberman-Hay, who has done my cover for both books now and we are already discussing the third. I have gotten so many compliments on it and she really did a fantastic job.
Of course last but not least, again to all of you that came out (some even from out of town).......THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!

Love and Silver Linings
Andrea Dana


  1. Congratulations on your book launch! I would also like to know more about on-set teaching, as I am also a supply teacher. I would love to hear from you.

    Fellow teacher!