Sunday, April 8, 2012

Penny Does Paris

“It is always better to be slightly underdressed.” Coco Chanel

The fat lady has sung, pigs are flying, hell has frozen over, and my friend Penny has attended fashion week in Paris.  You may wonder why I would group Penny’s little jaunt to Le Gay Paris with other events that are most unlikely to occur, but bear with me. When Penny, who has been known to leave the house wearing two different shoes on more than one occasion, told me she was going to attend Paris Fashion Week with a friend of hers, I wracked my brain trying to remember if I read somewhere that  Old Navy and Walmart  were doing runway shows there. I mean why else would Penny say yes to going? However, once my maturity kicked in, I actually became inspired by Penny’s decision to take on this challenge. Here was a woman who had not one iota of interest in haute couture and was doing something that was completely out of her comfort zone. Oh, and when I say "comfort zone" I mean she wasn’t even going to pack her Uggs for the trip.  For the whole week that Penny was away many people were on the edge of their seats waiting for her to post pictures from the shows. However, for me, all I wanted was to see pictures of Penny with make-up on and Penny in fancy clothes. I wanted to see her holding a purse that cost more than ten dollars from Winners. When Penny arrived home with all of her stories and her excitement, I asked if I could interview her for my blog because really, the people NEEDED to know. All kidding aside, there are so many opportunities in life to step out of the box that we live in and expand our horizons. I think anyone who dares to do something different than they are used to is brave, no matter what it is. I am so impressed and inspired by Penny for doing just that. Please read below as she shares her experiences with me.

 1. The people need to know, how did the Old Navy fashionista score seats at Paris Fashion Week? I don't want to leave out The Gap or Walmart, let's not only mention Old Navy. My very good friend is a shopper, she was invited by 2 of the big fancy shmancy design houses to attend fashion week with a guest. I was that guest. 

2. Tell me how you prepared for this trip.  Did you have to go out and buy a new wardrobe? Do Crocs even come in high heels? What did you bring to wear? Of my own? I brought my own bras and underwear, everything else I wore I "acquired" from my friend's closet. I'm anxious to return it as I don't have the best security system at my house   

3.I’m pretty sure you don’t even own lipstick. Did you bring makeup for this trip? I do! I have one lipstick! I went to pack it but I couldn't find it. I also couldn't buy a new one as I don't know the name of it. Finally I asked my 7 year old daughter and she had it.

4.Where did you stay? We stayed at the Plaza Athenee. It was fantastique. 

 5. Which stars did you see there? We saw Gwynneth, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Stewart, Marc  Jacobs, Katy Perry, and Quinn Fabray

6.You have now been compared to Andi from “The Devil Wears Prada,” do you feel transformed?  Who the  FUCK is Andi?

7.What was the first thing you put on when you got home? Have you learned to appreciate haute couture? I really enjoyed the shows, more than I thought I would. They were incredible actually, theatrical masterpieces! I have, however, come to appreciate my crocs even more than I used to. 

8.Do you have any fashion tips for spring? I hear colored jeans are in. I even saw them at the gap. I tried on purple then said "nah.....grey"

9. What is the most valuable thing you took away from this whole experience? Just because a person wears fancy expensive clothes, doesn't make them an asshole. People choose to spend their money differently, some like to shop, some like to travel. I would like to move to Vegas in  my jeans and crocs and play poker.but before you do that, you need serious boobs..... And boobs cost money. Oh, and heels are stupid.