Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And.....I'm Back!

In this first half of 2011 I have become a total slacker when it comes to writing. I did not mean for this to happen, but I had been so busy working on set that I let it slip. So here I am...."back and better than ever!" (to quote The Golden Girls.) I have just finished on-set teaching on an amazing new television show that will be airing this fall. It's called "Life With Boys" and it is by the creators of this little, teeny, tiny Disney show called "Hannah Montana." Heard of it?  This one will be just as good!!
What a fun show "Life With Boys" was to work on. The group of kids I taught were so special and I looked forward to seeing them every day. It didn't even feel like a job to me because really, how could working be this much fun and with so much laughter? Anyways, these kids are ones to watch....and my track record proves that I'm usually the last to influence them before they burst into stardom. In other words UH OH! (joking)
So now here I am with about a month and a half off before I return to another show. During my free time I plan on finishing my 3rd novel, "StarSitter Goes to Japan" which is the final book in the StarSitter series, as well as continuing to work on a few other projects that I had started in late 2010, including my very first screenplay. I've also been asked to be a sponsor and to speak at a Miss Teen Canada event this Sunday evening, which I'm very excited about.
I have been super bad with keeping up with my reading goal. According to  I am now 18 books behind my goal of 125 books for 2011. Yikes, I really need to step on it. Book recommendations are always welcome and so are cottage invitations!
I hope everyone is having a great summer so far and I promise not to go MIA like this again, or at least until the next show starts.
Love and Silver Linings
Andrea Dana