Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Next Top 10

Don't get excited boys. I'm not about to announce the next 10 top girls in your city or country. I'm talkin' books here. I am quickly approaching #70 out of the 100 book challenge I have taken on for 2010. This has been quite an interesting experience for me. I have had great conversations with so many different people about books. I was really happy to see the number of people reading on set this summer. Two of my top ten were recommendations by emmy nominee Michael Sheen, whom I met on the set of "Jesus Henry Christ" this past summer. His suggestions were"Cloud Atlas," and "The Wind Up Bird Chronicles," and are now two of my new favorite books. We were both excited that because they are both 500 pages, they count as two books. I also had one recommendation from both Drew Roy and Noah Wyle called "Shantaram." I have not yet gotten to this one, but it is on my to-read list.
I am having so much fun with this challenge. I feel like I am learning so many new things. I'm really connecting with other readers and out of all the healing I've done, healing thru books has been by far the most helpful to me. Although, I must admit, Sangria was also a close friend of mine this summer.

So here is my next top 10 favorite books (in no particular order)

1. Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell
2. The Wind Up Bird Chronicles, by Murakami Haruki
3. The Slap, by Tsiolkas Christos
4. Camp Nurse: My Advetures at Summer Camp, by Tilda Shalof
5. Open, by Andre Agassi
6. Shit My Dad Says, by Justin Halpern
7. This is Where I leave You, by Jonathan Tropper
8. Without Reservations, by Alice Steinbach
9.  Beyond Hitler's Grasp: The Heroic Rescue of Bulgaria's Jews, by Michael Bo-Zohar
10. The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss

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